Neoshop, the startup’s boutique

Our concept?

Young innovative businesses are constantly working hard to conceive solutions for our daily lives. EBN member and EU|BIC, Laval Mayenne Technopole, which has mentored startups since 1996 and launched an incubator in 2008, is currently leading a disruptive way of following these startups.

This new tool bears the name of Neoshop. It is actually a shop located in central areas in order to assess the potential of new products and liaise more easily with distributors. In simple words, Neoshop is a platform for the launching of innovative products. Established in September 2013, Neoshop presents two main features; it is both a shop, which commercialises new products, while also serving as a mentor for startups. Indeed while selling manufactured items to consumers, Neoshop also helps to:

  • Test the earliest sales
  • Meet customers faster
  • Strengthen marketing-mix enabling interactions with clients
  • Bridge with distributors
  • Promote ideas through the media while gaining public attention

The originality of this concept lies in the involvement of the clients who share their remarks and thereby contribute to the improvement of the product.

The originality of this project lies in the involvement of the clients who share their remarks and thereby contribute to the improvement of the product. Neoshop is at the core of the ‘participative economy’ where customers play a major role (after crowdfunding we can speak for Neoshop of crowdselling and crowdmarketing). Unique in France and on the European continent, the Neoshop notoriety has already allowed a broad range of products to gain wide media coverage as well as new partnerships with distributors to find more marketing opportunities and buyers.

Since its inception, Neoshop has already accommodated over 70 products from different startups (in just 24 months). The shop has already welcomed 22,000 visitors reaching a conversion rate of 17%. These are all very promising figures. Neoshop was set up thanks to the financial support of the Interreg IV NWE programme and in the framework of the Open Innovation project and the public authorities of Laval. The day-to-day activities are backed and financially supported by the stakeholders of Laval Mayenne Technopole and the French Ministry for Industrial Recovery (Ministère français du Redressement Productif).

To find us : Neoshop – 20, rue du Jeu de Paume in Laval

You are away from us ? Visit to purchase our innovative products !

If you want to know more, read the Technical note :

Neoshop Technical note

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